Code Signing Certificates - for Developers

As software development becomes more distributed, including in open source environments, developers who have never met are installing one another's software. Customers are also purchasing and downloading software applications online from publishers and sellers.

One of the riskiest things a user can do is to execute unfamiliar code. In minutes, malware can make mincemeat of an expensive computer. How can an application user determine that new software has not been corrupted en route and is safe to use?

Code signing certificates eliminate the worry. End users can try new software with confidence that the digitally-signed code came unaltered from the publisher or developer.

Most browsers will display a warning when executing downloaded code unless the code is signed by a trusted Certificate Authority.

Digitally signing code alleviates worries at both ends: developers need not worry about distribution security. End users need not worry that the code has been altered en route. Additionally, code-signing enables developers to add information about themselves with their software.

Microsoft and Comodo are committed to making the Internet a secure and viable platform for commerce and the distribution of content. Reasonably-priced (ok... cheap) certificates make it more affordable for you to distribute your code, and safer, both for you and for your end users.

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