Wildcard SSL Certificate Installation

How to Install an SSL Certificate for Your Website

These instructions assume that you are installing an OV SSL certificate, a highly-secure SSL Certificate available within minutes, on an Apache server.

  • Unified Communications Certificates for Outlook Web Access,
  • EV SSL for e-commerce, and
  • Wildcard SSL certificates for sites with many subdomains needing encryption.

Decide what kind of certificate you need. If you are not sure, you have two options: Buy an SSL certificate or try a free SSL certificate for 90 days.

1) Do you need help deciding what kind of certificate to use?
Call Comodo's sales department at (888)-­ 266-6361 in the US or +1(703) 581.6361 outside the US. A Comodo salesperson can help you decide which certificate is right for your application. Buying your SSL certificate this way entitles you to free phone support during installation if you need it.

2) OR pick one that looks good and install it on your own for a 90-day free trial. If you have questions while you install a free SSL certificate, visit https://support.comodo.com

How to install your Comodo SSL Certificate

1. Know what kind of web server you will install the certificate on (in your case, Apache)

2. Decide on your "Common name" (either your fully-qualified domain name, the full server name of your internal server, or your private IP address)

3. Use your server software to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) - instructions are provided at Comodo's checkout

4. In most cases, for key size, request 2048-bit.

5. Paste the Certificate Signing Request into Comodo's order form to sign up for your Comodo SSL certificate. If there is a discrepancy in your documentation, Comodo may contact you for further information. In most cases, though, you will automatically receive your digital certificate.

6. Install your Website Security Certificate to secure your server in minutes. This step depends on your web server software. Apache SSL instructions.

If you have questions during the installation, visit https://support.comodo.com

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