Certficate Authority - Authentic TrustLogo

A TrustLogo is ideal for any organization wishing to create confidence in its identity and trust with its website visitors.

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Why do I need Authentic TrustLogo?

  • Trusted third party validation of your website identity - From Comodo, the world's 2nd largest Certificate Authority.
  • Boost Customer Conversion rates- By effortlessly creating trust between your Web site and your visitors.
  • Site credentials are available to your customers - Including your full address, contact details and other essential information.

Why Comodo for your Trust logo?

  • "Point to VerifyTM" technology - No click is required by your Web site visitors who simply mouse-over the logo for a real-time Web site identity assurance request.
  • Unique feedback facility - Online portal lets you see daily how many customers have validated your identity.
  • Unlimited verifications - There is no limit to you for the amount of verifications your customers choose to perform.

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