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For the first time, consumers can authenticate that payment credential logos (e.g. Visa , Mastercard, etc) on your Web site are genuine and not faked. Content Verification Certificates (CVC) are issued only after Comodo confirms that a merchant is approved by all card issuers. They deliver highly visual assurance to your customers that you are authorized to accept online payments.

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Why do I need Content Verification Certificates?

  • Unspoofable!! - Your customers know for sure that your website is the real thing; CVC's protected graphics can only be displayed on your website because they are bound to your identity and domain, just like any other SSL Certificate.
  • Highest Level of security for web page content - CVC's are an X509 compliant certificate type and are created, distributed, and revoked using proven PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) methods.
  • It's all about customer trust - A bright green border appears around the browser whenever your potential customers mouse-over your Card Logos proving to your potential customers that your Web site is real and not a Phishing site.

Why Comodo for your Card Logos?

  • "Point to VerifyTM" technology - No click is required by your Web site visitors who simply mouse-over your Card Logos for a real-time Web site identity assurance request.
  • Unique feedback facility - Online portal lets you see daily how many customers need to validate your identity.
  • Backed by Comodo - Your ability to legitimately accept credit card payments is certified by Comodo, the world's 2nd largest Certificate Authority and a leading provider of trusted internet security solutions.

Content Verification Certificates for Phishing and Fraud Protection

Content Verification Certificates (CVC's), are certificates that verify the authenticity of critical content areas, like log-in boxes and logos. Because phishing and fraud attacks are still very relevant threats, your visitors may be apprehensive about whether or not your site is a spoofed site or a legitimate site. However, with Comodo's multi-factor patent-pending technologies, like CVC along with the free Verification Engine, you can give your customers the highest assurance possible.

When a visitor comes to your verified site, a green border will appear around their screen letting them know that the content is trusted. This anti-phishing and fraud protection technology make interacting online safer, helps protect your brand identity and validates the authenticity of content on your site.

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