EV SSL: Multi Domain Certificate

Multi-Domain EV SSL certificates (EV MDC's) allow you to secure up to 100 different domains or sub-domains with a single SSL certificate. EV technology adds an additional layer of trust to your online business by turning the browser address bar green every time one of your customers enters the secure area of your website.

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Why do I need Extended Validation Multi Domain Certificate?

  • Extended Validation SSL is the next generation of SSL Certificate - stringent verification processes developed by the Certificate Authority/Browser Forum ensures your web site is visibly more trusted than with other types of SSL Certificates.
  • Multi Domain technology - expands the value of EV by allowing you to secure up to 100 domains on a single certificate - simplifying SSL management processes and saving you money versus individual EV certificate purchases.

Why Comodo for your EV MDC Certificate?

  • Unique, patent-pending EV AUTO-EnhancerT - Automatic EV Deployment and Maintenance Technology - automatically upgrades Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 on WindowsT XP to full "Green Address Bar" functionality. Valued at $1,500, Comodo provides this technology free to all our EV SSL Certificate customers. Without it, WindowsT XP users will not automatically see the "Green Address Bar" when visiting your site.
  • Industry leading support:- as the world's second largest SSL Certificate provider, Comodo has the infrastructure, experience and depth of knowledge to help you every step of the way.
  • Competitive pricing and tools to help increase your conversion. From $359.00 per year, Extended Validation SSL Certificates from Comodo cost less than most Certificate Authorities charge for SSL alone. Our features such as the Corner-of-Trust Logo, dedicated account manager and free phone priority support make our Extended Validation Certificate package the most comprehensive EV SSL solution on the market.
  • Unbeatable Price -from $809.10 per year for 3 domains (and only $99.00 per additional domain thereafter) EV MDC Certificates from Comodo cost less than some CA's charge for a lone EV certificate. Additional features such as a SGC capability, dedicated account manager and free phone priority support make the Extended Validation Certificate a complete "trust package" that is unrivaled in the industry.

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