Digital Certificate - A Complete Assurance Package

SSL Certificate: Instant SSL

Instant SSL Certificates enable you and your customers to complete transactions with the assurance that no one else can read or change information as it travels over the Internet. This leads to increased visitor conversion rate, lower Web site abandonment and an increase in average purchase price.

Starting at P.A.O /year

Why Choose a Longer Certificate Term?

  • Significant savings vs. shorter-term certificates
  • Reduced risk of a trust-eroding expired certificate on your site
  • One less thing to do or worry about next year

Why do I need InstantSSL Certificates?

  • Protect your customer's personal information - provide assurance that information is kept private while being transmitted.
  • Protect your customer's identity - provide assurance that data sent and received to and from your web site cannot be tampered with or forged.
  • For compliancy - with payment gateway security requirements, SOX, HIPAA and others.

Why Comodo for your InstantSSL Certificates?

  • Free, patent pending Corner of Trust logo - confirming your assured status throughout your site (not just on secure pages). This exclusive TrustLogo allows site visitors to obtain your credentials with a simple mouse over (not a click diverting your customer to another site).
  • Industry leading support - - as the world's second largest certificate authority, Comodo has the infrastructure, experience and depth of knowledge to help you every step of the way.
  • Unbeatable Price - from P.A.O per year, InstantSSL Certificates cost less than most Certificate Authorities charge for a High Assurance SSL Digital Certificate. Additional features such as $10,000 warranty, unlimited server licenses, free Corner of Trust logo and dedicated account manager make the InstantSSL Certificate a complete "assurance package" that is unrivaled in the industry.

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