SSL Glossary

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ABA Guidelines
The American Bar Association (ABA) Digital Signature Guidelines are a structure of legal codes for using encrypted digital SSL certificates, digital ids and digital signatures in e-commerce.
In terms of SSL certificates, refers to interaction or relation with a system usually provoking an exchange of information. Example: a secure online payment gateway using Secure Server Certificates.
Access Control
Method of restricting access to the resources of a system. Restrictions apply to authorized programs (for secure authentication), procedures (such as encryption), or secure server network systems of any other kind. They assist in IIternet security and online security e.g. limiting access to an SSL secure server or online payment system. (Synonyms: controlled access, limited access.)
Access Level
A hierarchical level of security that is used in order to detect the sensitivity of data, and the clearance or authorization of users. Similar to how digital certificates help provide secure authentication for intranet and internet security.
An official pronouncement by the command or management authority which approves the system to function within a certain security mode using a prearranged set of safeguards. Based on the certification, accreditation is a system's formal authorization for operation. Like an SSL certificate that brings secure authentication, the accreditation statement attaches security responsibility to the management or operating authority, proving that necessary safeguards are in place to provide network security, Internet Security and Extranet security.
Active X
ActiveX controls are software modules for Web pages. They have full system access. A digital signature system called Authenticode which simply offers just "run/don't run" options is the only security tool, causing Internet security and online security problems.
Administrative Security
The management restrictions and additional controls instituted in order to supply a satisfactory level of data protection. In most cases the SSL Encryption provided by an SSL certificate in combination with techniques such as password protection is often enough to provide a satisfactory level of data protection. It is the same as procedural security and is more regularly referred to as administrative controls.
In Internet security an algorithm typically refers to cryptographic algorithms used in encryption or decryption of data files and/or messages and to generate Digital Signatures.
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