SSL Glossary

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An uninvited person attempting to breach the security of, and gain access to a system. See also hacker, adversary and intruder. Secure servers using SSL often prevent unauthorized logins of this kind with secure validation.
Cryptanalysis is the art of decoding text and a complex process, involving statistical analysis, analytical reasoning, math tools and pattern-finding. It is a way to figure out how to break down Internet Security.
Widely used abbreviation for cryptography, cryptographic services, cryptology or even encryption.
Cryptographic Algorithm
Cryptographic Algorithm is a process or a sequence of rules or steps that are well-defined and are used to convert a key stream or ciphertext from plaintext and vice versa.
Cryptographic Checksum
A one-way function attached to a file in order to construct a unique "fingerprint" of the file for reference at a later time. Recurrently it is a part of the development of generating a digital signature.
Cryptographic Key
See key cryptography, and PKI. The public or private key used in cryptographic algorithms for making information unintelligible or for restoring encrypted information back to intelligible form.
Cryptology incorporates cryptanalysis, or code breaking, as well as code making; it is a slightly more general subject area than cryptography.
Cryptoperiod is a time span necessary for a particular key to be authorized and to be used in a cryptographic system, which is a characteristic of PKI key management.
The validation and security protection coming from the appropriate application of technically solid cryptosystems such as encrypted SSL certificates.
Cryptosystem is an absolute and completely functional system for cryptography. It includes a solid Crypto-algorithm, necessities for the system's required functions and proper key choice and administration.
Cypherpunk is a society of users and developers who are devoted to generate systems for anonymous communications and secure server network access.
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