SSL Glossary

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Fail Safe
Secure Servers use automatic protection of programs and/or processing systems in order to keep safety when a hardware or software failure is discovered in an online payment system to accept credit cards.
File Protection
Methods, processes and procedures in a system designed to hinder unauthorized access, contamination, or elimination of files.
File Security
Secure SSL servers restrict access to computer files only to authorized, validated users.
Filtering Router
An Internet router selectively transferring data packets according to a security policy. It can be used as a firewall or to supplement a firewall.
A secured system passing and inspecting traffic between an internal trusted secure server network and an external secure server network that is untrusted, like the Internet. May employ a Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). Firewalls can be used to discover, prevent, or mitigate certain kinds of secure server network attack. This provides Internet security and online security. See also application level gateway, proxy server.


Gateway is an application that accepts transactions from online e-commerce shopping carts, and routes them to a financial processing system. A Secure Gateway protects the private financial networks from intrusion while enabling customers to safely use credit cards on the Internet.
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