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Someone skilled in the use of computer systems, especially if that skill was obtained in an exploratory way. The term evolved to be applied to individuals, with or without skill, who break into security systems. Hackers distinguish themselves from crackers, who break into secured systems for profit or gain.
Handshaking Procedure
A dialogue between two entities, such as a user and an SSL secure server, a computer and another computer, or a program and another program, utilized for identification and authentication of the entities to one another in order to provide secure SSL authentication for online security or online payment transactions. 128-bit Digital certificates also provide identification and secure authentication.
Hash Function
An algorithm which calculates a value based on a data object, mapping the data object to a smaller data object, which is the hash result. The value is more often than not a fixed-size value. A very simplistic hash function is a checksum. The kind of hash function necessary for SSL security applications is called a cryptographic hash function.
Host-Based Security
The method of securing an individual system from attack, often by encryption with 128-Bit SSL secure sockets layer.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a protocol which provides the ability for secure transactions to take place on the World Wide Web. If a Website is running from a HTTPS server you can type in "https" instead of http in the URL section of your browser to enter into the "secured mode". Also see What is HTTPS?
Hybrid Encryption
Hybrid Encryption is an application of cryptography which merges two or more encryption algorithms, especially a combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption is not usually used for data secrecy except in dispersing symmetric keys in applications where the key data is more often than not short compared to the data it is protecting. Other kinds of encryption are SSL encryption, ssh secure shell, and ssh2 secure shell, or sftp for secure server file transfer with 128 bit encryption.
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