SSL Glossary

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Identification is a procedure allowing recognition of an entity by a system, by and large by utilizing a unique machine-readable user name, with a "Digital ID", such as a secure server using SSL validation.
In the realm of internet data security, integrity means that a piece of data remains unaltered and has not been changed or tampered with by unauthorized entities.
Integrity Checking
This is the same as "change detection". Integrity checking is usually performed by comparing SHA1 hashed signatures. If the hash of the file in question matches the hash recorded in the database of the checking system then the integrity of the file is sound. If the two hashes do not match, then the integrity of the file may have been violated.
International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)
IDEA is a symmetric block cipher which uses a 128-bit key and operates on 64-bit blocks, like 128 bit encryption.
Internet Protocol security (IPsec)
(a) the IETF working society which is specifying a security architecture (RFC 2401) and protocols in order to provide services of security for Internet Protocol traffic.
(b) a collective name for that architecture and set of protocols, specifying
  1. security protocols (AH and ESP, the Authentication Header and Encapsulating Security Payload),
  2. Security associations,
  3. PKI key management, and
  4. Algorithms for authentication and encryption.

Besides SSL encryption and also 128-bit encryption and SSL digital certificates or 128-bit certificates, the set of security services include access control service, connectionless data integrity, data origin authentication for secure authentication or secure SSL authentication, protection against replays, data confidentiality service and limited traffic flow confidentiality.
Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP)
ISAKMP is an Internet IPsec protocol (RFC 2408) used to negotiate, institute or start, modify, and delete security associations. It is also used in the exchange of key generation and authentication data, key establishment protocol, encryption algorithm, or authentication mechanism of secure authentication and validation of online transactions with SSL Certificates.
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