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Kerberos is a single sign-on type system utilizing symmetric key encryption through a ticket-oriented mechanism for network security.
Data used in public key cryptography in order to execute encryption, which comes in different forms like SSL encryption for digital certificates which provides internet security and online security. For Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) each sender or recipient typically holds one private key and one public key.
Key Length
Because many modern encryption algorithms are mathematically founded, the length of keys is a crucial determining factor in the strength of an algorithm and in the work factor involved in breaking a cryptographic system.
Key Management
Key Management is the process of handling and controlling cryptographic keys and associated material during their life cycle in a cryptographic system. This includes ordering, generating, distributing, storing, loading, escrowing, archiving, auditing, and destroying the different types of material.
Key Pair
Key pair is a private or secret key and its related public key in an asymmetric encryption system, as a "Key Pair". The generation of key pairs is intrinsically linked to the whole fabric of PKI infrastructure and SSL certification. See also encryption, PKI, private key, and public key.
Key Space
Key space is a scope and extent of possible values of a cryptographic key, or the number of totally different transformations that are supported by a certain cryptographic algorithm.
Keyed Hash
Key hash is a cryptographic hash or digest in which the mapping to a hash result is assorted by a second input parameter which is a cryptographic key. The secret key protects the hash result in order for it to be used as a checksum.


The amount of time it takes a packet to travel from source to destination. Together, latency and bandwidth define the speed and capacity of a network.
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