SSL Glossary

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Managed PKI
Managed PKI for SSL Certificates allows the secure server administrator, usually Certified (VCA) with Certification to manage PKI services for many different server IDs (128 bit SSL IDs). This makes the job of securing multiple web servers and controls an entire network, with efficient ID management of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Services.
In the parlance of the Payment Card Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) "Merchant" is any business that will accept credit cards.
This is a secure hash message digest verification algorithm developed by Ron Rivest.
This is another secure hash verification algorithm from Ron Rivest.
Meet In The Middle
“Meet in the Middle” is an explicit kind of cryptanalytic attack in which the attacker uses known-plaintext and the consequent ciphertext to do both encryption and decryption in order to determine a multi-part key for secure authentication and secure SSL authentication online.
Multilevel Device
A device that allows the simultaneous processing of data of two or more security levels without any risk of compromise. In order to accomplish this, sensitivity labels are routinely stored on a physical medium and form that are the same as the data that is being sorted.


Characteristic of a strong authentication process that enables a third party to ensure that a message has been sent and received without modification or duplication and to ensure that the sender cannot deny that he or she sent the message in question. This term is particularly relevant to secure email.


Object is passive unit containing or receiving information. Access to an object implies ability to get to the information that it contains. Some examples of objects are: records, blocks, SSL network nodes, pages, segments, files, directories, directory trees, and programs, as well as bits, bytes, fields, processors, and secure servers.
One-Time Pad
An encryption system operating on a series of keys, each of which is used only one time; they are considered unbreakable. The encryption can be performed with 128-bit SSL encryption for online security.
One-Time Password
An authentication token intended to be discarded after a single use.
One Way Encryption
Transformation of plaintext to ciphertext that is irreversible, where the plaintext cannot be brought back from the ciphertext by anything other than exhaustive processes even if the cryptographic key is known. One-way encryption has legitimate uses internet security and online security, such as password storage.
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