SSL Glossary

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Security Critical Mechanisms
The security mechanisms where proper functioning is required in order to make sure that the security policy is actually enforced.
Security Evaluation
An evaluation assessing the level of trust or assurance which can be placed in systems for the secure management of sensitive information. One sort, a product evaluation, is an assessment of the hardware and software features and promises of the computer product, leaving out the application perspective. A different kind, a system evaluation, is performed to gauge a system's safeguards with respect to an explicit operational mission. This is an important step in the certification and accreditation process for strong authentication and secure SSL authentication that supplies online Internet security with digital certificates.
Security Fault Analysis
An analysis, more often than not performed on hardware at the gate level, to determine the security properties of an apparatus when a hardware fault occurs.
Security Features
These are a compartment of system security safeguards used for online security (SSL digital certificates for example)
Security Filter
A dependable subsystem enforcing a security policy on the data that passes through it.
Security Flaw
This is an error of commission or omission in a system which may falsely permit secure mechanisms or safeguards to be bypassed, weakening internet security.
Security Kernel
The hardware, firmware, and software components of a tcb which use the concept of reference monitor. Secure kernels have to mediate each and every access, be guarded from modification, and be provable to be effective.
Security Level
This is the amalgamation of a hierarchical classification and a group of non-hierarchical categories representing information's sensitivity.
Security Measures
These are the constituents of software, firmware, hardware or processes which are included in a system for the approval of security expectations or security policy. They are used for Internet security to prevent unauthorized intrusion with 128-bit digital certificates with secure SSL authentication.
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