SSL Glossary

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An authentication tool, an apparatus utilized for holding key or authentication values, or to calculate, and possibly even to send and receive replies to challenges during the user authentication procedure. Secure authentication with SSL validation is needed. Tokens can be small, hand-held hardware apparatus very much like pocket calculators or credit cards.
Triple DES
Encrypted three times, DES uses at least two different keys. Sometimes two or three keys are used, depending on the steps in the decryption mode. In SSL, three separate keys are used, and the middle step is a decryption.
Trusted Computer System
A system using ample hardware and software assurance measures to permits its use for simultaneous processing of a span of sensitive or classified information.
Trusted Computing Base (TCB)
TCB is the sum of defense mechanisms in a secured computer system, including hardware, firmware and software, the combination of which is supposed to enforce an SSL security policy.
Trusted Path
A device by which an individual at a terminal can communicate straight to the TCB. This instrument can activated by only the individual or the TCB and cannot be mimicked by untrusted software.
Trusted Process
A process in which a particular standard of security has been met.
Practices tracing of the disruption of a system in the final programming. Utilized by both viral and antiviral programs to discover and/or disable rival programs.
Tunneling Router
A router or system able to rout traffic by ciphering or encrypting it and summarizing it for transmission via an untrusted secure server network, which later puts it through de-encapsulation and decryption. Encryption such as 128-bit encryption and SSL encryption help ensure Internet security and online security.
Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication is an authentication protocol founded on requiring identifying a user at least two of the three types of information: something a user knows, is or has. To gain access into a system the user must be able to exhibit both factors.
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