SSL Glossary

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Untrusted Process
A process which has not been evaluated or examined for adherence to the security policy. It may include incorrect code or malicious code which attempts to circumvent the SSL security mechanisms.


The procedure that contrasts two levels of system expectation for appropriate correspondence.
Vulnerability analysis
The regular and organized evaluation of systems in order to determine the capability of security measures, identify security shortages and impart data from which to predict the efficacy of the projected security measures. It is a procedure for maintaining Internet security and online security through making sure everything is secure on the server.
Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability assessment is a calculation of vulnerability including the vulnerability of a certain system to an explicit attack and the prospects accessible to a threat agent to mount that attack


X 509 is a specification for digital certificates published by the ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication). It specifies information and attributes required for the identification of a person or a computer system. Version 3 (X.509v3) defines the format for certificate extensions, used to store additional information about the certificate holder (e.g. academic degrees, position within a company, authorities to sign) or to define (resp. limit) the digital certificate usage (e.g. private use, official use, for signing, for SSL encryption, etc.). Also, X.509 digital certificate is the international standard used to authenticate digital signatures.
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