Installing your Certificates on Hsphere

Please follow these instructions if you have already purchased a certificate directly from Comodo and need to install it through H-Sphere. If you want to buy and install Comodo certificates in one step directly from H-Sphere, refer to H-Sphere documentation.

Before installing existing certificates in H-Sphere, ensure the following:

  • You have CSR and private key copied and stored.
  • Go to Comodo CA and get a new certificate. When requested, enter the CSR signing request that you have saved.
    Important: When obtaining SSL certificate, make sure it is generated for Apache regardless of whether you intend to install it on a Windows or Unix platform.
  • After the permanent SSL Certificate has been generated, save it to a secure location.
    Note: You will need the site/server certificates and the intermediate CA certificate, downloadable from the support website.

Go to H-Sphere and perform the following:

1. Click SSL on your control panel home page.

2. Go to the Web Service page and click the Import SSL Certificate link in the SSL field.

3. Enter the certificate you received from Comodo into the upper Install Certificate based on the previously generated Certificate requestbox of the form:

SSL Certificate Installation in H Sphere

4. Click Upload.

SSL Certificate Chain File

5. Enter your intermediate CA certificate into the Certificate Authority File box (for H-Sphere 2.5. Patch 6+):

6. Click Install.

Now you can use the certificate jointly with the private key you have saved.

Otherwise, you can buy and install Comodo certificate in one step directly from H-Sphere.

Бесплатный сертификат SSL