Secure Email Certificate Support

After enrolling for your Free Secure Email Certificate you will be sent an email from Comodo Security Services containing a button. Follow the instructions within the email and click the button named "Collect & Install Certificate".

Your Certificate will then be automatically placed into the Certificate store on your computer.

Please select your email software from the below list for help configuring and using your Secure Email Certificate:

Secure Email Certificates FAQ

In Outlook Express 6 I have installed my digital certificate but it is not listed when I come to assign it to the account I have set up, why is this?

If the email address in the certificate does not identically match the email address you set up in the account then a certificate will not be available.
You can only assign a certificate which matches the account email address exactly. Therefore, when you apply for your digital email certificate please make sure you specify the email address precisely as it is setup in the account

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